Chrysoprase No. 211

Chrysoprase No. 211

Chrysoprase No. 211
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9 mm Chrysoprase beads accented by a 2.5 mm white diamond, set in sterling silver, woven on a vibrant green silk thread with chrysoprase toggle beads.

Healing Properties of This Bracelet

CHRYSOPRASE - Supports eloquent communication, adapatability, balance, higher consciousness & hopefulness
DIAMOND - Amplifies the energy of surrounding stones & wearer
STERLING SILVER - Excellent for mental, emotional & physical releasing & cleansing

Power of Colours in This Bracelet

GREEN - Symbolizes life, nature, fertility, balance & well being. Grasss green is the most restful colour. It also represents learning, growth, compassion & harmony. Green symbolizes the master healer & the life force.
WHITE - White is the manifestation of all colours and is thus the complete energy of light standing for wholeness and completion. It symbolizes purity & cleanliness.

A note on natural materials

All natural materials vary and no two strands or gems are the same and we believe this as the beauty of nature and it adds richness and dimension to your bracelet. We make every bracelet completely by hand so there will be no two exactly the same. Due to the nature of our materials, they are sensitive to extreme heat, water, hand lotion, soap, body oils etc. Some will dull over time and some will change colour with exposure. We choose to use natural silk rather than synthetic thread. Over time the threads will wear and the more water, lotion and stress that is placed on the silk the faster this will happen.

Please see FAQ page for instructions on care of your Amulet Healing Bracelet.

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