Aquamarine with MOPAgate - for self expression, creativity, health & good fortune
Amber - attracts luck & love, inspires change and improves wisdom
Amazonite - encourages the pursuit of your unique path in life
Amethyst - for spiritual awareness, meditation, inner peace & healing
Aquamarine - stone of courage, lightheartedness & confidence
Aventurine - enables abundance, luck, truth & universal love
Azurite - cleanses the mind for insight & clear thought
Calcite - cleanses organs, bones & enhances mental clarity
Carnelian - represents confidence, initiative & assertiveness
ChrysopraseCatʼs Eye - increases personal power & spirituality
Chalcedony - boosts confidence
Chrysocholla - encourages love, light & daily healing
Chrysoprase - supports eloquent communication, adaptability, balance, higher consciousness & hopefulness
Citrine - will show you the way to abundance & happiness
Coral - promotes inner peace and quiets emotion Red ~ fertility Black ~ creativity Blue ~ psychic awareness
Diamond - amplifies the energy of surrounding stones & wearer
Fluorite - associated with enlightenment & spiritual, mental & emotional healing
Caranail HornGarnet - symbolizes faith, love, devotion & trust
Gold - an excellent all-purpose, high level gem amplifier & electrical conductor
Horn - provides spiritual protection
Jade - brings clarity, courage, justice, wisdom, modesty & tranquility
Jasper - methodical and meticulous worker of practical, down to earth solutions
Kyanite - the "Earth Stone” grounding & tranquil in nature
Labradorite - brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world
Lapis Lazuli - a powerful thought-amplifier & helps in aligning the elements of the body & mind
MoonstoneMalachite - brings harmony into one's life & attracts money
Moonstone - stimulates knowing, appreciation, nurturing, mothering, selflessness, sensitivity & humanitarian love
Mother-of-Pearl - carries the gentle, peaceful healing energy of the sea, relaxes, & soothes emotions, sensitivity, stress
Opal - amplifies feelings, buried emotions, desires (including love & passion)
Mother of PearlPearl - fosters motherly love, inspires purity, innocence & serenity
Peridot - one of the joy stones, inspires healing, renewal, purification, rebirth & growth
Prehnite - for dreaming & remembering, increases our ability for prophecy & allows for inner knowing
Pyrite - used for focus, practicality, logic, memory, clear thinking
Quartz - helps to amplify, focus, direct, transmit & store energy
Riverstone - accelerates change & promotes energy
SugiliteSapphire - communication, insight, intuition, inspiration, spiritual prayer & devotion, peacefulness
Sandalwood - aids in meditation, spiritual growth, healing, relaxation, grounding, openness
Robles WoodSilver - excellent for mental, emotional & physical releasing & cleansing
Sugilite - protects, absorbs & dissolves anger, hurt, unwanted energies
Tiger Eye - used for courage, confidence, protection & the ability to see clearly& without illusion
Topaz - the stone of true love & success in all endeavors
Tourmaline - strengthens body & spirit
Turquoise - brings peace, serenity & tranquility, increases protection, meditation, wisdom, balance, honest communication, strength, friendship & love
Wood - symbolizes evolution, adaptation & growth

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