“I wear a whole stack of bracelets together and love the noise they make when I move my hands. I wear the the big black horn bracelet for my spirit, the green opal and sugilite to embrace true love and passion and the purple mother of pearl helps me to reduce stress.” Amy Pilkington, artist and founder of Amulet Healing Bracelets
In the Spring of 2008, I was working on a commission sculpting & producing bronze horse sculptures for Ralph Lauren boutiques, and was compelled to pay forward the blessing this opportunity had been. Knowing there was a horse rescue nearby, I went to see about volunteering and potentially sponsoring a horse. Little did I know when I first met Amulet, that he would inspire me to re-direct my creative efforts entirely so that it could help heal so many. Thank you for helping to support these magical animals that deserve a second chance at a good life,

Amy Pilkington


Amulet is my magnificent horse who was rescued in 2007 from a kill pen by Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue in Sagaponack, NY. Watching his transformation as I trained him from a terrified abused horse into a trusting friend inspired me to create Amulet Healing Bracelets. 10% of the proceeds are donated to AFER and earmarked for the childrenʼs outreach program. Perhaps if children are taught to treat animals with love & respect this will open their hearts to living compassionate & responsible lives. LEFT: Amy with a healthy and happy Amulet after a year of pampering and nourishment.


Amy Pilkington is an award winning artist, sculptor and metalsmith currently living in Sag Harbor, New York. “My work reflects what I love about living and working in the Hamptons,” Pilkington says. “The sun and light, the vast green fields, ocean and the dunes: itʼs an incredibly visceral place to live.” Each piece of Amyʼs jewelry is a little treasure, but then so is the experience of visiting her studio. Handcrafted into elegant, organic shapes, her jewelry features 22kt gold, platinum, rose cut diamonds, Peruvian opals and other richly hued stones. Some jewels feature patterns and symbols that play subtly across the surface and evoke a sense of mystery and lore, while other pieces incorporate nontraditional items such as, linen and local driftwood. The synthesis of these materials gives her body of work a sophisticated style that seems precious without being stuffy. Over the years, discriminating customers have sought out Amyʼs talent to design family crests as well as jewels that signify love, life changing events, personal goals and more. “What I offer is unique,” says Pilkington, “a kind of ʻbe-your-own-brandʼ brand. My clients donʼt want to see their pieces on anyone else.” In business for the past ten years on a commission-only basis, Pilkingtonʼs foray into ready-to-wear is timely given the tremendous demand for her jewelry and art. Her work has been recently featured in Elle Décor and Hamptons Magazine, and you can see her interviewed on Plum TVʼs artist series actually demonstrating her creative process. Pilkington pieces have also been featured in Vogue, Traditional Home, House & Garden, New York Times, New York Magazine, Manhattan File, Ocean Drive, Daily Candy, Atlanta Journal, Martha Stewart Bride, In Style Bride and more. Amy Pilkington spent her youth in Australia and moved to Connecticut with her family where she attended Greenwich Academy. She received her BS from Northwestern University in Chicago and her MA in Metals and Jewelry from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.


Deborah Wax began working for Amy Pilkingtonʼs studio as a Summer intern immediately after graduating Alfred Universary with a degree in Fine Arts/Painting. Two years has passed and she has become an invaluable part of the business. Wax has mastered the intricate braiding technique used for the bracelets and commands the team of artists who make them. Wax has also developed the production and inventory systems used to keep track of the many moving parts in the studio. Waxʼs impeccable taste in music has also given rise to the Studio playlists that entertain the troops on long deadline days. Both Amy Pilkington and Amulet are eternally grateful for Deborahʼs commitment and energetic approach to her work.

RIGHT: Deborah and Lillie plow through the piles of paperwork together.

A veritable hive of production - filled with beautiful colours, silks, beads and gems.


Little Lillie is Amyʼs 12 year old Miniature Pinscher who has been a faithful Studio companion for all 12 years. She comes to work every day and generally insists on being held by someone for most it (see picture above to the right). Lillie is also our model, entertainment and the inspiration for the new pet line.

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